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Steps Outlining Well Chlorination (Shock)



What WE are responsible for:

   1) Locate well head (a chlorination can only be performed on an exposed well head as per local code)

   2) Fill a clean pail /bucket with clean water and add a cup of chlorine.

   3) Disconnect power to the pump

   4) Remove well cap and any debris in and around well head

   5) Pour vinegar, chlorine and chlorine tablets down the well. The purpose of the vinegar is to lower the pH of the water to make the chlorine more effective at killing bacteria. A high pH makes the chlorine ineffective at killing bacteria.

   6) Pour mixture from step 2 down the well

   7) Re-secure well cap and conduit

   8) Re-connect power to well pump

   9) Wait time - roughly 15-20 minutes - Allows all solutions to disperse and allows tablets to dissolve.

  10) Connect garden hose to a spigot either on the well tank or outside on the house.

  11) Run water from hose until chlorine can be smelled or provided test strips show presence of chlorine.

At this point we, the service providers, have completed our portion of the chlorination. The next steps will outline you, the customer’s, remaining duties. 


What YOU are responsible for:

1) Once chlorine has been detected within the system: all fixtures in the house should be run, hot and cold water, until chlorine is detected. I.E. Sinks, showers, toilets, dishwashers etc.

   2) Now that there is chlorine throughout the plumbing in the house, no water should be used for consumption or laundry for 8 to 12 hours. This is known as “Contact Time” and is actively sterilizing the water’s  infrastructure in your home. Water can be used to wash hands and flush toilets.

   3) After the “Contact Time” has expired, you will want to purge the system of the aforementioned chlorine. This can be done by simply running a garden house outside for 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off until the chlorine can no longer be smelled or is no longer detected by provided test strips   

4) Finally, after step 3, your well water is now able to be tested. Do not consume water until tested by certified LAB and the results are passing.

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